She Xiang used?

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She Xiang used?

Published on 03-03-2019

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What is the way it is used She Xiang for depression, anxiety and insomnia, whether with oil or powder?

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Patterns: kidney yin deficiency

Herbs: she xiang

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Mar 2019

    In Chinese Medicine it is generally uncommon to use individual herbs (see “how to choose a formula”). She Xiang appears in a number of formulas that may possibly be used for the symptoms you mention, but none of those may be correct for you (see the article referenced above and/or “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” to understand the basics of Chinese Medicine diagnostics). Further she xiang has a quite limited but strong opening affect to what we call the “orifices” in Chinese Medicine - without getting into too much technical detail this substance would be far more likely to make many people with anxiety/insomnia, particularly if it is arising from yin deficiency, worse - particularly in larger amounts. It is always best to consult directly with a highly trained practitioner and get an appropriate prescription for you.

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    comment by "anon166126"
    on Mar 2019

    Thank you very much

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