Si 8 point chronic intermittent stingy pain

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Si 8 point chronic intermittent stingy pain

Published on 11-12-2016

"anon222522" - this is their first post.


For close to a year, I have had a little stinging pain show up in my SI8 point whenever I felt any sensation of heartburn. I’ve run this by a couple of acupuncturists here in Boulder, Co. and no one had anything to say- which seemed very weird to me. Finally, looking up the point myself- I am a psychotherapist not a health practitioner- I see that there is indeed an actual point there and it might have something to do with something intestinal. My concern is that the little stingy pain that shows up there might be indicating something I should pay attention to.

I would appreciate any insights and suggestions about this.

Thanks a bunch,
Jaci Hull

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Generally speaking acupuncture is a not a direct point-to-condition modality so to speak. So while it can be clinically relevant, sensitivity at or near a particular acupuncture point, in your case SI 8, is most often not as related as people might think. Some of “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” gets into these issues. More than likely you have some ulnar nerve entrapment in there possibly from things like computer use, how you sit at your desk, etc. and it only seems to correlate at times with heartburn. It is possible with some poor gall bladder function, for example, which is often felt up under the right shoulder blade that you can irritate or hold tension in that area that exacerbates the ulnar nerve and you feel it around that point.

The best answer, of course, is to get proper acupuncture treatment, get your heartburn resolved which is generally easy to accomplish and then if it remains do some treatments for the neck and shoulder area to loosen on the constriction in that area.

Posted: 11-12-2016

Wow Chad,
Thanks for your quick response. Maybe the lack of definitive correlation is why my local acupuncturists did not give me said definitive answer. However, I do have a gallstone- or did a few years ago, which could mean something but I’ve had no other symptoms. I will follow up with the local folks about that. Thanks a bunch!

with peace, Jaci

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Posted: 11-13-2016

If you look at some of the theory behind oriental medicine in general, pain in an area was historically more of an indication of a potential issue with the system reflected in that point. However much of that theory is no longer useful due to significant changes in modern lifestyles. While it is true that for some cases I’ve treated people have had discomfort at acupuncture points which reflected their particular symptoms they are by far a minority.

Posted: 11-14-2016

Thanks very much Stephen!

Posted: 11-14-2016

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