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Spleen divergent channel

Published on 08-01-2021

"Emily_Sato" - this is their first post.

Hi, I’m a tcm student and currently receiving spleen divergent channel acupuncture to help rid old patterns and habits which are hampering me at the moment. The general comments made are that the spleen qi is not holding the blood. There’s no physical manifestations as such, aside from some general damp and some phlegm symptoms related to poor lifestyle choices and constitution, and a demanding modern life. I assume the comments about ‘blood’ relate to its function as the medium of the Shen and hence the emotional symptoms.
I’m looking at the herbalism, but my knowledge of an appropriate corresponding formula is insufficient. I’ve assumed gui pi tang is the ‘classical’ match, but divergent channel work is deep and complex, and wondered if anyone had a particular insight here.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Aug 2021

The best person to ask is the practitioner who came up with that diagnosis for you. They would, likely, be most familiar with your entire case history rather than trying to just choose a formula from a general pattern which will likely lead to poor results.

Also, I would hesitate in learning that one system is “deep and complex” vs. other aspects of Chinese Medicine. In the right hands it’s all just one system of medicine with a few different ways to get at issues. Putting things into a hierarchical system of assumed effectiveness is not good for practitioners and, in my opinion, a framework of thought to steer far away from as a student.

I would suggest you see many, many practitioners and see what they come up with for you and ask them why and what variables they were using . If you are generally healthy, don’t worry. But if you have issues find a practitioner who -actually helps you- not the one with the best story or the assumption of the “deepest” work. When you find that practitioner, stay with them for at least 3-5 years if possible and try to observe their work with other patients. If they consistently get verifiable, reliable and efficient results you will do well to learn as much from them as possible.

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