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What is happening? (12/2021)

Hi. In the past few weeks I’ll feel suddenly cold a few hours after breakfast. Today was especially the worst: At about 9 in the morning( I wake up at 6), I will feel really cold and my fingernails turn...

Tong Ren side effects (12/2021)

Hello all! What side effects are there to Tong Ren? In ancient China, there was a sort of cruel punishment where tapping on a small human figure could cause great pain for the victim. Perhaps this is what Tong Ren...

Japanese acupuncture? (12/2021)

Hello all! What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese acupuncture? Also, how effective is Toyohari in clinical settings?

Genetic disorders (12/2021)

Hello! Is there anything TCM can do for genetic disorders such as sickle cell anemia, or down syndrome?

Needle manipulation (12/2021)

Hello all! What is your opinion of the manipulation of needles after insertion??

Toxicity in chinese herbs (12/2021)

Hello! I’ve come to realize that most all herbs, and western medicine contain a certain amount of “toxicity” or “毒“ in them. Especially, those herbs that are in the 下品 (lower order) according to 神农本草经 such as Fu Zhi. Many...

Pets and Tong Ren? (12/2021)

Hello all! I recently came across Tong Ren through this website. I was wondering how effective it is for dogs? And what diseases it could possibly treat for dogs?

Youth & TCM: learning (12/2021)

Hello all! I’m a teen interested in TCM. Recently, I’ve shadowed/ interned a local acupuncturist and its been an exciting experience. I’ve also seen some of Dr. Ni Hai Xia’s videos and read a few books regarding Chinese medicine. What...

Spreading TCM to scientific community and beyond (12/2021)

Hello all! This is a discussion to discuss how to effectively spread TCM. Some issues regarding the spread and acceptance of TCM: -many TCM practitioners are not well-trained ( got to college and do not further investigate TCM), so many...

Crohn's disease treatment with TCM (12/2021)

Are there any good TCM treatments, especially herbal remedies for Crohn’s disease?

Youth interest in TCM (12/2021)

Hello all! I’m a teen interested in TCM and so glad. Currently, I am learning from a local acupuncturist and have watched some of Ni Haixia’s videos. I would greatly appreciate any readings, advice, or seminars I could attend to...

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