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Treatment for CSF leak (12/2021)

Hi there: Are there any TCM treatments for a cranial CSF leak? Had sinus surgery in 2010, and slowly developed double vision. Had surgery to correct that in 2015, however since then have had headaches, and a runny nose. As...

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Treatment for CSF leak (2/2019)

Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness Chad. Gold star bed side manner and promptness. Appreciatively, Karen Bergen

Treatment for CSF leak (2/2019)

Dear Chad: Thank-you for your thoughtful, empirical response. Lastly, if I could ask, what does this type of treatment does this type of issue require? I gather my practitioner would work on my governing vessel, as well as my usual...

Treatment for CSF leak (2/2019)

Thank-you Chad for your encouraging e-mail. It has made me feel a bit more hopeful. If I may ask one more question of you, why decrease coffee? Most of the literature on this subject suggests increase caffeine consumption increases CSF....

Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto? (1/2017)

Hi Chad: Oh for sure, I will definitely visit my TCM doctor once I’m more up and about. Should have told you that I had strabismus surgery two years ago, and still unable to drive, or read much. With that...

Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto? (1/2017)

Hi there, what specific acupuncture points would help Hashimoto’s disease? Currently I am having an exaserbation of symptoms, mostly inflamed joints in hands, and constipation. I am unable to work with my own DU14, and the area surrounding it, which...

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