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Acupuncture and TENs (12/2021)

Hi Chad and Everyone, I had a question about the use of TENs. I am a student and bought a TENs unit and Terry Olsens book on Aricular Acupuncture. It is pretty easy and seems quite effective to use TENs...

Cant quite figure out whats going on with me (12/2021)

Thanks for your responses last week about me going to school for acupunucture, I have since started with univeristy of phoenix online and doing quite well.. I have been having some pretty bad, and getting worse memory problems. I have...

Room for one more? I am thinking of going to school to be an acupuncturist/oriental diagnosis etc (12/2021)

Hello all,I have been studying the contents of this site, reading books, and sticking myself and others I know and love with needles for about 2 years now. I was reluctant to go off to school to become a acunpuncturist...

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Lower body backpain/impotence/skin/sweating combined (9/2011)

what do guys think about a possible infection or parasite that could have persisted over a long period of time. The only reason I ask is because of thisother issues - mild dyslexia, memory problems, low immune system, anxiousEspecially the...

Methylphenidate combined with herbs (8/2011)

WOW, I just tried Methalphineadate recently in combination with Grape Seed. It was terrible with or without the grape seed,just 1.25mg made my heart POUND! and it made me have to pee lots.. Yes very FIRE! Now I take a...

Acupuncture and TENs (5/2011)

I see, Feng Mei your statement was insightful..I have been told to avoid the spine and head with TENs and to not use it with people who have a pacemaker or heart troubles.Thank you for responding Matt

Cant quite figure out whats going on with me (5/2011)

Memory Problems Mostly Resolved after 2 years... I have been using grape seed, ginkgo, and 5-htp in conjunction with protien powder and jogging. This seems to be doing the trick. =] I quite smoking just before the memory problems occured...

Morning Sickness (3/2010)

Tell her to try hypnotherapy, it may be totally psycosymatic.. You could possible try the psycosymatic points from Terry Olsens Auricular Therapy book as well.

Cant quite figure out whats going on with me (4/2009)

My uncle is an acupuncturist as I mentioned but hes like 1 and half hours away so I dont see him as much.. I have been pondering about getting a second opinion.. I would like to see someone trained in...

Room for one more? I am thinking of going to school to be an acupuncturist/oriental diagnosis etc (4/2009)

Chad and Leeta,I am really glad you guys reassured me, I have been feeling more secure about my choice since last thursday when I posted this. Making "alot of money" isn't really my concern, just making a living and being...

Emotional energy transference (3/2009)

it sounds to me like you have an empathic ability which is more widely known and accepted in "energy healing" work like Reiki. Its something you might beable to turn off and on. In my first Shambalha energy work class,...

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