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Heat in lower burner (12/2021)

Hi all, I hope someone can help. I have had a big problem with damp heat and couldn’t seem to get it resolved. However I found this excellent vwebsite which gave me the points to clear damp heat in the...

Small intestine damp heat (12/2021)

Hello, does anyone know which acupuncture points should be used to treat damp heat in the small intestine please? I couldn’t find it on the website. Thanks

Acupuncture book (12/2021)

Just wandering what the best book to get that provides details of the combination of points for particular conditions and not just explains each point please?

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Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

Great thanks for your help Chad.

Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

Chad_Dupuis: Insomnia/wake multiple times each night (how many times and for how long - and you fall asleep fine? - what times do you sleep from and until and what times do you wake up (if they are consistent)) Falling...

Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

i hope they were of sufficient quality? Thanks for your help with this. If i was nearer i would consider visiting but i am in Scotland.

Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

Ok. No problem. Here is my tongue and most of my current symptoms: Insomnia/wake multiple times each night Dry mouth at night Depression Poor appetite Lots of allergies to food No taste Unable to build muscle No energy In general...

Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

Also can I add that I am just guessing the pain under my legs is this. Although I am not so sure how as it flared up yesterday during pericardium time (7pm-9pm) then calmed down after that. I am currently...

Heat in lower burner (5/2016)

Hi guys, Thanks for your responses. This is quite complicated so bear with me. Please understand I have been to see two experiences acupuncture practitioners (each for 6+ appointments) and neither has been able to help me – at the...

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