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Hello, I treat a patient suffering with MS. We do make some progress with her body in total. Also her eye sight improved (according to her doctor her left eye improved from 20 to 40% sight) but nevertheless she needs stronger glasses (?). Anyhow, her main eye problem is a retrobulbaire neuritis…

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published by Charles_Harn, 03-02-2010

Does anyone have information on treating Tourete's Syndrome?

Dear friends, I need your advices to treat congenital muscular dystrophy(merosin negative). I want to use Yamamoto new Scalp Acupuncture technics. What do you think about CMD? May acupuncture treat CMD?

Hi Chad, I have read the section on MS. I want to know about MND. The patient is diagnosed as a patient of extended (not localised) MND for last two years and the diagnosis has been reconfirmed by allopathic investigations. Motor functions were lost in the following sequance: First the legs became …

Submitted By: AcutherapistHi To all the forum members iam viay from india treating a Muscular distrophy patient. The patient is 10 yrs old, he can't walk . since from couple of months iam treating him. some changes i find . could anyone pls send me important points for Muscular distrophy. seniour …

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