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View Helping inducing labour
published by anon248234, 08-11-2020

Which safe points could be used to help induce labour? This woman that is expecting a baby she is at the 41week +3 days, healthy and good, if the baby wont do it himself they will induce labour tomorrow at the hospital no matter what, any suggestion?

I am looking for some guidance on treating a woman who has experienced a missed abortion and would like to try acupuncture instead of going for a D&C. At the 10 week ultrasound the doctor discovered that the fetus stopped developing at around 6 weeks. At 10 weeks, she still has no sign of blee…

Can you give specifik point for induce labor, which condition that we can use it??

View Collapse during acupuncture
published by Kitsune, 10-28-2011

Hello, first I would like to apologize for starting so many topics recently, but it seems I just have so many questions pop up this month, hopefully things will settle down soon... :) I've had an unfortunate experience that I know rarely happens during acupuncture, yet I was hoping I would never w…

View Need some help
published by wyzecat, 05-14-2009

I had a new patient call me a few hours after his first treatment today, his chief complaint was neck tightness and overall stiffness. He has gotten dizzy, nauseas and de je vu, about 6 times since the treatment. I did a light treatment since it was his first time and also added some massage work.…

Hi i am new to the forum and am looking for advice for my daughter who is a middle distance runner.She currently has a knot in her right trapezius muscle - said to be due to stress whilst running.I have tried intensive sports massage but cannot get rid of it.Are there any other techniques I could u…

View Tong Ren During Pregnancy
published by tcm, 04-07-2008

Hi,Do the contraindicated acupuncture points apply to Tong Ren for pregnancy? I was wondering if it was ok to tap the doll around the the sacrum, coccyx, perineum etc. (which seem to be in contraindicated areas) for hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy?Thoughts? Ideas?Many thanks!

Hi I would like to know which points should be avoided during pregnancy. My friend has struggled with infertility for more than 10 years and this year, i convinced her to consult in acupuncture. She went and she is now pregnant. However, there are only 2 acupuncturist where she lives and they barel…

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