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Dear dr, one of my family friend, aged 50 had met with femur fracture in her right leg. plate was fixed and it’s been 2 years now. The problem now is she is unable to bend her knees beyond 45’’ degree. After acupuncture intervention, she can move till 60’’ but not beyond that. The spot above UB 40 …

Hello, Just a quick question: I have a patient with Spondylolisthesis (L5/S1, with pain and numbness down the right leg as well), who finds it difficult to lie flat on her stomach for the actupuncture sessions (and was also advised not to lie on her stomach at all for her condition). I was thinking…

View Osteo Pubis
published by Craig54, 04-24-2010

Any thoughts for treatment of Osteo Pubis .

Hi. What do you think about acupuncture treatment on Restless Legs Syndrome ? Beforehand thanks for help.P.S What do you think about : LI11,PC6, LI4,GB34,ST36,SP6,GV20,CV 24?

View Plantar fasciitis
published by Judith_Poole, 09-18-2007

Any suggestions for energetic treatment or self-treatment for plantar fasciitis. Currently worst pain is on medial side of left heel although at other times it has been strongest on the lateral side. Thanks, Judith

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