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Itch after moxa at Du 14

published: 11-23-2019

Today I have treated a family member with moxa at GV 14. At the beginning she didn’t feel so much, but later she relaxe…

Nervous weakness in old age

published: 03-04-2016

Hi… My father is 76 old age person and he is diabetic patient since 2002 and recently he is suffering from severe weakn…

Child fever

published: 09-04-2013

Submitted By: kupyHi! my almost three years old daughter gone to kindergarten for first time and after two days got a …

Itching near the joints

published: 12-01-2011

Submitted By: Vidhya ghopuSir , Is the lymphatic system responsible for itching in the skin (in same area on both righ…


published: 02-01-2010

>Dear Mrs,sire, I would like o know about acupuncture points for pephigus treatment. > thanx in advance > Vah…


published: 12-29-2009

I am TCM practitioner and I have had a skin condition I have been unable to treat effectiviley. I get hives on my fore…

Intractable idiopathic tinnitus

published: 12-08-2009

Patient is mid 20's, female Last january, aprox 1 year ago, she was exposed to some environmental pathogen, probably mo…

Localization of back-shu points

published: 03-16-2009

As the back shu points are among very important acupoints, but their precise localization is sometimes difficult. Are t…

External qi

published: 12-18-2008

Hi Ive been trying to find information on external qi or wei qi(i think). I know there's a thread around here somewhere…

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