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Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful using an extra point called ‘stop tremor point’ it is near LI10. Problem is I have lost my records and have forgotten the exact location. Has any one else come across this point p…

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published by brendan, 06-16-2012

Px is 40 y.o male. Chief complain: he suffers from R + L sided pain around his scapula, moreso L. sided along the inferior border. Px is also very "stressed" *Levator scapula/trapezius and most of upper back is very stiff. Very dry/red eyes He also suffers from bloating/gas that feels better afte…

Female patient 50 years old. Menopause a few years ago. Main complain: occipital headache & neck pain for about 2 years, which make her feel tired most of the time. Shes very stressed and worries most of the time, due to work. Shes self employed. Does lots of gardening and cooking at home t…

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