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Acne and Excess heat on right side of abdomen

published: 02-15-2022

Hello dears. Please reply me sooner. A year ago I had very clear face, I got my face cleaned by using acu point from yo…

Adhesive capsulitis

published: 09-24-2020

i am a practitioner in GA just trying to narrow down the tx for the condiditon and what points have been the most effec…

Points for dry skin

published: 01-30-2020

What would be some good points to treat dry skin? My main problem is dry heat, as I also have a very dry mouth… my skin…

Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment - discussion (2019-08-25 08:29:15am)q

published: 08-26-2019

Related Post @ Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment - Bodywork - Basics | Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Blog…

Raku or Luo points

published: 10-31-2018

Hi, there are certain points used in chronical conditions they correspond on certain points with their corresponding yi…

Itching in body

published: 04-11-2018

I and my family members are affected with itching. Itching in the areas are genetal organs, in thigh, around belly in t…

Hand alergie with red spots all over

published: 02-13-2018

At the top of both hands are red spots for several days. Nothing special changed in food or wardrobe habits. Is there a…

Sudden inflammation

published: 03-17-2017

Hi. I am second year student of Acupuncture in Ireland. Just found for this helpfully place for my studying. Before on…

Headaches and herniated discs in neck

published: 03-08-2017

What pressure points if any can I use to relieve the pain caused by sinus congestion as well as herniated discs in my n…

Treatment for Pepper Spray?

published: 02-17-2017

I’m an acupuncturist.I accidentally got pepper sprayed in the eyes and face.Any acupuncture pts you can think of in an …

Bells Palsy: confusion!

published: 01-18-2017

Hi, I am treating a gent who has had bell’s Palsy for over 2.5 years. he has a residual slight weakness of the face: ey…

Treatment points for treatment of itchy skin after chemotherapy

published: 01-18-2017

What points can I use safely to settle itchy skin response to chemotherapy?

Bloating and constipation

published: 01-06-2017

Can anyone help with a treatment formulation for bloating after eating and constipation? What should I be looking for w…

Carpal tunnel syndrome

published: 09-21-2016

**Female patient 44, with hyperthyroidism, has developed Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is just a beginning but she feels p…

Questions about the Master Tung System

published: 05-16-2016

I just startet learning the master tung system two weeks ago and already had a few amazing results, painfree IN SECONDS…

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