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Hello, my 9 years old son was by chance diagnosed having unicameral bone cyst in femur /bottom part of the bone/. The cyst is rather large. The leg has not broken so far, the kid was active and did have regular physical activity. Could you, please, suggest TCM treatment? Herbs, accupuncture, nutrit…

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published by vdolat, 02-01-2010

>Dear Mrs,sire, I would like o know about acupuncture points for pephigus treatment. > thanx in advance > Vahid

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published by draiello, 12-29-2009

I am TCM practitioner and I have had a skin condition I have been unable to treat effectiviley. I get hives on my forearms and legs. I also have bouts of heat and itching with no rash on my scrotum. The hives occurs when objects are in contact with my skin such as a watch, tight shirt sleeve, or …

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published by Sevendaver, 12-03-2009

I am 13 weeks into a type 3 Odontoid fracture. Healing slowly, I need something to encourage bony fusion. Is there any evidence that acupuncture helps by bringing blood flow to the area?

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