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How to treat unicameral bone cyst in a child without surgery?

published: 11-20-2015

Hello, my 9 years old son was by chance diagnosed having unicameral bone cyst in femur /bottom part of the bone/. The c…


published: 02-01-2010

>Dear Mrs,sire, I would like o know about acupuncture points for pephigus treatment. > thanx in advance > Vah…


published: 12-29-2009

I am TCM practitioner and I have had a skin condition I have been unable to treat effectiviley. I get hives on my fore…

Fracture treatment

published: 12-03-2009

I am 13 weeks into a type 3 Odontoid fracture. Healing slowly, I need something to encourage bony fusion. Is there an…

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