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Helping inducing labour

published: 08-11-2020

Which safe points could be used to help induce labour? This woman that is expecting a baby she is at the 41week +3 days…

How to treat, with acupressure, the lower leg: outer shin

published: 08-25-2018

Warm Greetings - In appreciation of your profound and thorough expertise, 'a question - Kindly advise, what is the caus…

HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case

published: 01-05-2018

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age …

Scietica painupressure points for sciatica pain

published: 02-05-2015

acupressure points for sciatica pain

Bulging discs L4 right side, L5 left side, numbness felt under pad around little toe, sciatic pain

published: 12-05-2013

Hi there, I am treating a man who injured his back 3 years back twisting and lifting a freezer out of his car.causing b…

Cervical Dystonia

published: 03-03-2013

Has anyone had good treatment success with a western condition called "Cervical Dystonia"? This particular case present…

Pin and needles and numbess of Toes

published: 05-17-2012

I've just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 months ago is now experiencing numbness, pins…

Heat Damp or Cold Damp Pattern?

published: 09-19-2011

Hello everybody, My condition is white thick sticky little yellow in the midde tongue, belching, stomach fullness after…

Morton's Neuroma acupuncture points protocol - foot pain

published: 02-19-2010

Please, can someone explain acupuncture protocol for Morton's Neuroma, symptoms are pain and feeling that something is …

Peripheral Neuropathy

published: 02-09-2010

Hi, I have today treated a gentleman, who was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. A pain in the right buttock travell…

Plantar Fasciitis

published: 11-26-2009

I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have been in quite a lot of pain with it for about 18 …

Need some help

published: 05-14-2009

I had a new patient call me a few hours after his first treatment today, his chief complaint was neck tightness and ov…

Restless Legs Syndrome ( RLS )

published: 01-19-2009

Hi. What do you think about acupuncture treatment on Restless Legs Syndrome ? Beforehand thanks for help.P.S What do yo…

Numbness in leg

published: 02-23-2008

Submitted By: piAfter returning home from a trip overseas, and many hours (almost 24 hrs.) of sitting on an airplane, …

Plantar fasciitis

published: 09-18-2007

Any suggestions for energetic treatment or self-treatment for plantar fasciitis. Currently worst pain is on medial side…

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