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Hello, I have question about this formula. I would like to know if maybe someone is knowledgeable about ingredients of this recipe with all grammage. Thank you.

My boyfriend lost his father in a very traumatic way about 18 months ago. Since then he has been unable to handle stress, has angry outbursts, depression, anxiety, nightmares that just won’t go away, gets easily agitated etc. After trying many resources and also finding out he has high blood pres…

Bai Zhu is the only herb that my spleen is responsive to. I've been taking Rou Gui and Sheng Jiang for a long time in my formula, but I'm still cold, have weak digestion and my spleen hurts. Bai Zhu works very well, but gives me burning pain in the liver, I don't know if it's because of yin deficie…

I have severe anxiety anytime I am somewhere I cant leave, examples are In a classroom, Church, or a roadtrip anywhere (even within 30 minutes of home) I start getting very anxious. This been really bad the last 5 years. I Noticed that I actually start getting depressed sometimes when Im really anx…

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