Expel Wind

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Expel Wind - TCM Formulas Functional Grouping (4 formulas)
Expel Wind General Introduction

The concept of "wind" in Chinese Medicine covers a broad range of conditions. As wind can be both internally and externally generated you will see conditions of external wind (wind-cold), for example, in the case of the common cold and internally as wind-stroke, for example, in the case of CVA (stroke). Generally the symptoms are either of a sudden nature or those that like to move around the body like a pain in one knee one day and then in your shoulder the next, etc.. Internally generated wind may combine with other influences (heat, cold, etc.) but it generally arises from a liver imbalance. Generally formulas within this category are useful for conditions ranging from skin rashes, dermatitis, numbness in the body, dizziness, joint pains, difficult speaking and more.

Expel Wind has the following subcategories:
The following 4 formulas are categorized within "expel wind"

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