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Good afternoon, I am diagnosed and being treated by a Rheumatologist with Severe Fibromyalgia which along with physical pain also causes “severe memory loss” & “severe cognitive dysfunction” as stated by my Dr. I went to my first acupunture apt. today and was given Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan & L…

I’ve been researching what can be done to rid the herpes virus from the body. Would love to hear thoughts and comments. thanks

How can I drain the water behind my tympanum and inflamed ganglion at my neck?

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and a severe heat intolerance. He is currently taking Long Dan Xie Gan Wan is there something else that would work better or in conjunction with it?

Hello I have been hearing the term Liver Depression a lot lately. Is this yet another term/translation for something I may have already studied or a different concept all together. IE Is it an Excess or DFNCY condition or neither? It is Etiology? Syndrome? Diagnosis? Thanks. I have studied: LR Defi…

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