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Frequent UTI’s Bladder Issues

published: 10-14-2020

What is really going on in the body when frequent urination and urgency occur with positive urine test?

Pyelonephritis - Treatment Protocols

published: 08-20-2020

Hi everyone. My name is Miguel Branco. I´m new in the forum, and a student of TCM. In what concerns about Pyelonephriti…

Chronic UTI's in elderly women.

published: 08-14-2019

Hi, I have several patients that are 80 and above that have chronic, and I do mean chronic UTI’s. They have caregivers …

Chronic UTI Treatments

published: 07-15-2018

I am getting Chronic UTI with citrus smelling urine and pressure discomfort in abdomen. I get this after sex and my me…

Urinary tract infection

published: 07-04-2018

Wishing to know exactly where acupressure points are to clear urinary tract infection

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