Extraordinary Vessel Treatments - Back Shu Points - Step Two

Japanese Theory

Step two of the Extrarodinary Vessel Treatment Protocol is to choose and treat the appropriate back shu points. After removing the ion puming cords and needles from step one, you then treat the corresponding back shu points. If your primary pattern was a Yin Wei Chong Mai, for example, with SP 4 and PC 6 as the treatment points, you would now treat the PC Shu (UB 14) and the SP Shu (UB 20). The needles are generally retained for 10-20 minutes and 3 rounds of kyutoshin (or moxa on the head of the needle) are often used - usually only on the points below T7.

Back Shu Points Chart

Lung UB 13 Urinary Bladder UB 28
Large Intestine UB 25 Kidney UB 23
Stomach UB 21 Pericardium UB 14
Spleen UB 20 Triple Heater UB 22
Heart UB 15 Gall Bladder UB 19
Small Intestine UB 27 Liver UB 18
Governing Vessel UB 16 Diaphragm UB 17
Qihai (Sea of Qi) UB 24 Guanyuan (Gate of Source) UB 26
Zhonglu (Center Back Muscles) UB 29 Baihuan (White Ring) UB 30
Gaohuang (Vital Region) UB 43

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