LI 18 Acupuncture Point - Fu Tu - Large Intestine Meridian

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Gastritis, Ulcer, GERD Herbal Formula

Uses: Stomach Pain, Gastritis, GERD, Ulcers. Ban Xia Xie Xin Wan (Ban Xia Xie Xin Pian, Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang, Hange-shashin-to), literally "Pinellia Drain Epigastrium Pills".

For stomach qi disharmony and rebellious stomach qi disorders. Symptoms may include epigastric fullness, distension (usually without pain), dry heaves, vomiting, borborygmus, and diarrhea.  Can be used to treat GERD and other gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS and ulcerative colitis.