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What Is The Yin Yang House?

At our core we are a Chinese Medicine informational website. We are also working towards building and supporting the larger Chinese Medicine community. In addition to freely sharing a broad array of foundational and modern Chinese Medicine theories, research and applications, we aim to connect Chinese Medicine practitioners with each other along with their respective schools and state associations.

What Can I Do Here?

Use our main menu or search tool and follow the links to explore Chinese Medicine from whatever angle you are coming from (generally interested, a student, or a practitioner). Much of the content is categorized by issues/symptoms or by Chinese Medicine diagnostic patterns.

Most Read Sections

The most read sections are our blog, public forum, and our theory sections, particularly the acupuncture points section.

Point of the Day

Fontanel Meeting (GV22)gv22
  • Nasal issues - congestion, olfactory problems (i.e. distinguishing smells), nosebleed, polyps.
  • Headaches, primarily from wind in the Chinese Medicine sense of the term, dizziness, vertigo.
  • Psychological issues, particularly related to fear a/or fright, panic attacks, palpitations.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect brain and scalp issues, useful for brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, lou gehrig's. Also helpful for improving focus in children (ADD/ADHD).  

Blog Post of the Day

Tinnitus Treatment - Back Acupuncture With Tuina Found More Effective Than Standard Acupuncture
by ChadD

There are many treatment methods within Chinese Medicine and acupuncture theories and over time practitioners tend to gravitate towards certain methods more than others based on what they have seen effective for various conditions. In the following study researchers from...

Recent Forum Post

by anon79791

Hello. I stumbled upon your post on parkinsons chinese medicine yin yang house page. I was diagnosed 4 years ago when i was 45. Just reaching you out to find out about any alternate chinese medicine treatments for bradykinesia you...

Popular Theory Sections

Our comprehensive Chinese Medicine theory sections contain what is generally covered in the base training for many acupuncturists and herbalists. You will find information on points, formulas, treatment protocols, and more.

TCM Herb of the Day

Hornets Nest (Lu Feng Fang)
  • Relieve toxicity, expel wind, alleviate pain - toothache (gargle).
  • Topically - skin rash, itching, scabies, ringworm, sores, carbuncles.
  • Expel wind, dry damp - painful obstruction, wind rash.

TCM Formula of the Day

Two Immortal Decoction (Er Xian Wan)yin yang huo (arial parts of epimedium, horny goat weed)
  • Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang deficiencies with Empty Heat - hormonal issues such as menopause (possibly w/hypertension), amenorrhea, hot flashes along with associated symptoms of fatigue, depression, insomnia, nervousness and more.
  • Infertility with appropriate underlying factors, particularly when arising with amenorrhea or irregular menstruation.
  • Aplastic anemia.

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Sustaining Memberships help us to continue to offer and develop this service. A site by acupuncturists for acupuncturists with strong data privacy protections and functions that our community needs. We offer the ability to list your practice in our directory, share upcoming events, fully private forums (and our public ones) and the ability to share your knowledge via our blog with our global readership.

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Yin Yang House Chattanoogapractice logo in Chattanooga

Yin Yang House Chattanooga LLC is an affiliated clinic of the Yin Yang House and was originally started by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac., now owned and operated by Abby Stewart, LMT. We offer Acupuncture with Leslie Bunn, L.Ac., Massage therapy,...

"Leslie B" practices here.

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