LU 3 Acupuncture Point - Tian Fu - Lung Meridian

  • Chinese Name Tian Fu
  • English Name Celestial Storehouse
  • Location: 3 cun below the axillary fold on the radial side of the biceps brachii tendon.
  • Precautions: No Moxa.
  • Point Associations:
  • Window of the Sky Point
  • Actions & Effects:
  • Window of the Sky Point, regulates head/body Qi flow - goiters, swellings in the neck.
  • Lung related spirit disharmonies - stress induced asthma, poor memory, fuzzy/muddled thinking, depression, "floating corpse ghost talk", "melancholy crying ghost talk" (classical descriptions possibly for seeing ghost, talking about ghosts a/or people who have died, being in constant long-term grief about someone who has passed, etc.).
  • LV invading the LU pathologies.
  • Generally for heat related issues whether from excess or deficiency - nosebleed, coughing blood.
  • Lung Meridian Points (11):

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