Natural and Alternative Manic Depression Treatment Options

Manic Depression Treatment {introduction}

Manic Depression is a mood disorder characterized by long periods of manic behavior, after which an individual returns to a normal state. Unlike bi-polar disorder, people with manic depression do not typically experience periods of depression. When not in a manic state, an individual with manic depression can be a normal, functioning person with a stable work and family life. However, when in a manic state, he or she may experience feelings of elation and invincibility, unrealistic belief in one's abilities, participation in high-risk endeavors or behaviors, lack of sleep, tendency to speak rapidly, and other symptoms.
Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Manic Depression.

TCM Diagnostic Patterns Related to Manic Depression

Listed below are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic patterns that are commonly involved with this western medical condition/symptom. Properly applied, Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine) treats patterns not individual symptoms/conditions which may better account for the range of symptoms often experienced by individuals. Pattern diagnosis/treatment is a crucial part of using Chinese Medicine for disease prevention instead of focusing on solely symptomatic treatments as is somewhat more common in western medicine. For more on this concept, please read What Does Acupuncture Treat? Or Treating the "Cause" and not the "Symptoms".

There are no tcm differential pattern diagnoses listed for this pattern at this time.

Herbal Formulas for Manic Depression Available From Our Store

Herbal Formulas

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Acupuncture Treatment Protocols

Listed below are articles describing related TCM diagnoses and acupuncture treatment points. These generally require an understanding of basic TCM Theory, however, general readers may find the protocols illustrative of how Chinese Medicine views and treats this condition.

There are no treatment protocols listed for this condition at this time.

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Submitted Case Studies

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Manic Depression related articles

Below are articles related to this condition submitted by our practitioner members. See our practitioner member section for all articles.

  • Chad Dupuis's picture
    Contributor ~ Chad Dupuis
    Submitted On Tue, 07/10/2012 - 9:36am

    Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and other aspects, is commonly used to treat a broad range of psychiatric disorders including depression.  Various studies observe a facet of changes in brain chemistry, circulation, inflammation and various other markers from acupuncture and associated techniques.  As of yet, however, no one can clearly state how, exactly, acupuncture helps depression - which just observe a positive clinical effect. 

  • Chad Dupuis's picture
    Contributor ~ Chad Dupuis
    Submitted On Tue, 11/08/2011 - 11:17am

    Acupuncture has been found helpful for a variety of psychiatric issues including depression and anxiety.  Depression is a common reason for working with an acupuncturist, particularly for those where western medicines either have too many side effects, were not effective or were not desirable for any number of reasons.  While we see benefit both in clinical studies and in practical day to day observation, the underlying mechanisms for how acupuncture helps with depression are not well understood.  Researchers from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine within Xiamen U

  • Judith Poole's picture
    Contributor ~ Judith Poole
    Submitted On Fri, 10/15/2010 - 1:05pm

    I enjoyed reading Carlat's "Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry - A Doctor's Revelations about a Profession in Crisis." He has a nice combination of narrative, personal voice, summary of experience with a variety of patients, and expository writing about the field of psychiatry and his thoughts on how to improve it. His coverage of the field, its issues, and his suggestions for improvement would by most be considered comphrehensive.

Forum posts related to Manic Depression

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  • Rocko's picture
    Submitted On Fri, 03/28/2014 - 10:44am
    Contributor ~ Rocko


    I've had Acupuncture for many years.

    Recently I've begun to understand that some of the real sick headaches I get may be caused by heat being trapped in the body.

    I cannot tolerate bright sunny days, Full Moons...

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The Tong Ren Therapy and Tam Healing section for this condition has not yet been submitted.

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    Acupuncture Points for Manic Depression

    Below you will find acupuncture points relevant to this condition. The points listed below are by no means the only relevant points, rather we list empirical or commonly used points as well as those applicable to use with acupressure as a self-help remedy.

    Professional Practitioner Information

    Below you will find links to technical information largely of interest to professional practitioners.

    TCM Herbs and Formulas for Manic Depression

    TCM Herbal Formulas for Manic Depression

    Listed below are TCM Herbal Formulas related to this condition.
    General Indications Functional Grouping Combinations
    Gan Mai Da Zao Wan - Licorice, Wheat, and Jujube Formula - TCM Herbal Formula

    Used for anxiety/depression/manic issues with a tendency towards losing self-control (crying fits, excessive yawning, etc.).  This set of symptoms is known as restless organ disorder in TCM.  General symptoms are disorientation, crying spells, depression, fitful sleep, excessive yawning, anxiety, possible night sweats and other yin deficient signs.  May be used for menopause or similar post-partum issues.

    The Pulse will be thin and rapid and the Tongue will be red with a sparse tongue coating.

    Calm the Spirit, Nourish the Heart and Calm the Spirit
    Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Wan - Bupleurum, Dragon Bone, and Oyster Shell Formula - TCM Herbal Formula

    Used for heat that is lodged in the chest affecting all yang stages, also for phlegm in the liver/gall bladder.  Generally used for a range of psychological conditions, aiding with drug withdrawal and related issues.  Symptoms include chest oppression, anxiety, irratiblity, palpitations, excessive/delirious speech, heavy sensation of body, constipation, urinary issues.

    The Pulse will be wiry and rapid and the Tongue will be red with a slippery tongue coating.

    Calm the Spirit, Sedate and Calm the Spirit

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs for Manic Depression

    Below you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs relevant to this condition. See our TCM Herbal Database for more details.

    There are no tcm herbs listed for this condition at this time.

    Western Herbs and Manic Depression Medical Information

    Western herbs for Manic Depression

    Below you will find Western herbs relevant to this condition. See our Western Herbal Database for more details.

    There are no western herbs listed for this condition at this time.

    Manic Depression - Western Medicine Information

    At this time no Western Medicine information has been completed for this section.