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Our site currently has connections with 351 issues/symptoms. Within each condition/issue section you will find pointers to related information such as acupuncture protocols, herbal formulas, blog articles/research and more.

Issue/Symptom of the Day

Menopause (Hot Flashes)

Menopause is a transitional period in which the female body experiences hormonal changes that affect the menstrual cycle, along with other things. On average, women begin to have symptoms of menopause in their late 40s to early 50s. They include:...

In most cases, from a Chinese Medicine theory perspective, the "condition/issue" is not exclusively relevant. This section is here as a way to communicate potential approaches and present logical groupings of techniques and information. Treatments approaches would generally be designed with the diagnostic pattern(s) the person is presenting with in mind. See our blog post, "treating the cause vs. the symptoms" for an introduction to the diagnostic and treatment process.

We also have a meta list grouped by tcm diagnostic patterns that you may explore.

TCM Pattern of the Day

Summer Heat

Fever, aversion to heat, sweating, thirst, irritability, dizziness, diarrhea.

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