Kidney Jing Deficiency - Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Patterns

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    General Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Jing Deficiency

    General Signs & Symptoms:
    In children poor physical a/or mental development will be seen, in adults a weakening of the bones, teeth, back a/or knees, memory problems, a/or a lowering of the libido/ability can be seen

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    Related Formulas From Our Store for Kidney Jing Deficiency

    Below you will find Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas that we have available in our store that may be appropriate for this TCM diagnostic pattern.

    Shou Wu Wan - Hair Loss, Graying, Memory, Low Sperm Count, Menopause
    Shou Wu Wan - Hair Issues, Sexual Issues, Fatigue and Weakness

    Uses: Hair Loss, Graying of Hair, Muscle, Bone and Joint Weakness, Memory, Menopause, Low Sperm Count, Morphology and Motility Issues.  Shou...

    Chinese Herbal Formulas for Kidney Jing Deficiency

    Below you will find practitioner level information regarding TCM Herbal Formulas that are applicable to this pattern.

    Formula Name General Usage Functional Grouping Combinations
    Zuo Gui Wan - Right Returning Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

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    Tonify the Yin, Tonify

    Acupuncture Theory Information

    Below you find acupuncture points and protocols that are commonly involved with the resolution of this particular TCM diagnosis.

    Below you will find conditions for which we have related acupuncture protocols. The protocols listed are those that may match this particular TCM diagnosis.