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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Patterns

Below you will find links to the 56 TCM diagnostic patterns available to explore on our site. Within each diagnostic pattern section you will find pointers to related information such as acupuncture protocols, herbal formulas, blog articles/research and more. You may use this section to explore the ways in which Chinese Medicine may approach resolving a diagnostically significant imbalance.

TCM Pattern of the Day

Lung Qi Deficiency

Fatigue, SOB, weak voice, spontaneous daytime sweating, catch colds easily/frequently, pale complexion.

Due to how Chinese Medicine works there is an interweaving between "conditions" and "patterns" - i.e. a pattern can exhibit with many issues/symptoms and an issue/symptom may be driven by any number of potential patterns. This is where the diagnostic techniques within Chinese Medicine are critical - finding and resolving the "root" imbalance, as opposed to chasing after symptoms (basic guide here).

We also have a meta list grouped by issues/symptoms that you may explore.

Issue/Symptom of the Day


Leukorrhea is the medical term used to describe a white or yellowish vaginal discharge. Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Leukorrhea.

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