Qigong found helpful for Diabetes Patients

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Qigong found helpful for Diabetes Patients

Published on 07-26-2011

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Researchers from the University of Queensland recently conducted a study evaluating qigong exercise as a therapy for diabetes patients.  As previous studies have shown beneficial effects of qigong on metabolism, weight loss, leg strength, immunity and other functions, this study is a positive step towards exploring how qigong may aid various lifestyle oriented diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and other causal factors such as obesity.

Researchers recruited 41 patients with type II diabetes and radomized them to a qigong exercise group and a standard western medical care group.  Standard assessment measures were taken at baseline and at the conclusion of the 12 week study.  The primary indicators were fasting glucose and insulin levels, 2-hour blood glucose and insulin levels and HbA1c resistance levels along with body weight, waist circumference and leg strength).

Researchers found that the qigong intervention group outperformed the standard medical treatment in all areas with significant differences.  Primarily the weight loss that is associated with qigong was significant and is a significant factor in the appropriate treatment of diabetes.

Further studies should be done to examine the best qigong forms (of which there are many) that aid people with blood sugar issues and to examine what the effects over much longer periods of time would be on patients who had experienced higher sugar levels before starting long-term qigong training.

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