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damaged intestinal lining
Created 11-08-2023 by "Kbw123"
Hi dear community Organizer. Can you please elaborate acupuncture/acupressure points for damaged intestinal lining or gut ( mainly caused by prolonged antibiotics intake). Will be highly obliged.
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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang question
Created 10-13-2023 by "CalZone"
Much appreciated on any help that can be given on this. A few years ago, I took Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for a few months to get rid of a really strange nerve pain that was described to be caused by heat dampness. It worked wonders. This herb got rid of the issue in 2-3 days, for this issue that lasted over a year. One of the things that also happened with it was...
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Hypothyroid, fatigue
Created 09-20-2023 by "Slackster"
My son is 14 years 165 lbs, good shape, active, plays sports and is social, good academics. Hypothyriodism runs in the family. His thyroid levels are normal, and he is tested every 6 months. But every evening his fatigue kicks in, He has napped amost everyday of his life,and still does. He sleeps from 1-3 hours a day, late afternoon or evening, which doesn't seem normal for a 14 year old. On 2 or 3...
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Using tmc together
Created 09-14-2023 by "anon208255"
I am taking Wu Zi Yan Zong WAN currently and seems to be working. Can I take Bu Zhong YI Qi Wan together ? Is there any precautions to be taken?
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Looking for advice
Created 09-03-2023 by "Annabelle"
Hello, I have been to a tcm practitioner in january and was diagnosed with damp-heat. I went to tcm because of my thin uterine lining that is causing me infertility, my practitioner wanted to treat the damp-heat first. I was first prescribed herbs to boil at home and drink. I drank them morning and night 10 days. However, I couldn't keep doing that because of the taste. I felt depressed and anxiety just from having...
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Pain in T6.
Created 09-01-2023 by "anon217196"
My son has pain in T6 that's the alarm point. I studied that it's the alarm point. He has pain and weakness in legs, sometimes involuntary shaking in legs. Also has stomach pain after eating. Also finds hard to control bladder and is scared and has fear of going alone anywhere in the house i day time also. how to do I treat him.
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No sugar Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa
Created 08-29-2023 by "anon176466"
Anyone know if there's any information on whether the herbs in this product will raise estrogen or prolactin. I have both high estrogen and high prolactin and would like to avoid it if it has these actions on the body. Thank you!
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Liver qi stagnation
Created 08-16-2023 by "Kbw123"
Hi dear admin. Your team is working so well on this forum. Can you please elaborate, what is main point to get rid of liver qi stagnation. Liv3 is not working well for that. So what else can be used for that considering it master point for liv qi stagnation
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Acupuncture or TCM Herbal treatment for bronchiectasis..?
Created 08-05-2023 by "anon240139"
I have been suffering from Bronchiectasis disease for the past 20 years, Phlegm throughout the whole day, and hemoptysis every month or two months one time Coming. I am requesting you to Acupunture of this Lung disease or Traditional Chinese medicine. Thank you
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Some disharmonies has been removed
Created 07-31-2023 by "Kbw123"
Hi dear community organizer. Some organ disharmonies has been removed. Like large intestine disharmonies and gall bladder disharmonies Please re add this in details like other disharmonies are there. It was v beneficial before. LI and GB disharmonies are not available now however these were present before
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Neuropathy after acupuncture?
Created 05-30-2023 by "anon244558"
Hello, please could you tell me something else about this??? I am in the same situation. Neuropathy symptoms after an acupunture sesion. Please I need help.Thank you (originally posted as a comment to - creating a new topic due to the age of the post).
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Foot Pain
Created 04-28-2023 by "anon8731"
Hello I am a practioner of TCM & have a family member with which i would appreciate your advive with their situation . Could you please suggest a TCM solution / treatment to aid in relief for the following person who is a 94 yrs male suffering from foot pain on the right lateral side beneth & in front of the maleolus which causes sharp unpredictable pain. He has had a CT scan which revealed...
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What is the TCM profile for Keratosis Pilaris?
Created 04-18-2023 by "VaughnHealth"

...content removed by moderator...
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Safety of Long term use of TCM Herbs
Created 03-23-2023 by "Vietfrancesco"
My TCM Dr has put me on differnt herbs for the past 8 to 9 months to remove a bladder growth. Is there a risk of using TCM herbs such as You Gui Wan, Qian Lie Shu Wan, Fu Zheng Wan, Ba Zheng Wan for several months. The herbs have reduced the growth slighlt but I am having turbid colored urine for a number of weeks now. My Dr is happy with the result but...
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Created 03-23-2023 by "Moglee_Radha"
Dear sir, How yin edema changes to yang edema n vice versa? Edema is two type non pitting n pitting type. Non pitting edema are yang type,pitting type is yin type If I am wrong kindly correct me.
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Kidney yin deficiency
Created 01-20-2023 by "Moglee_Radha"
How kidney yin deficiency raised empty heat? Regards Debashis (India)
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Inflammation after acupuncture
Created 01-03-2023 by "anon176466"
Hello I am getting some sessions from an acupuncturist and the point of concern is the pin between the soft tissue of the index finger knuckle and the middle finger knuckle on right hand. It's looking bluish in that area and more painful to acupuncture since the tissue is growing inflamed and tough. She continues to pin it but should I be heating the area to help heal it? Will it cause permanent damage to...
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What is 2nd # for UB points?
Created 01-01-2023 by "VaughnHealth"

My school and textbook didn't explain why there's another # in parentheses on the Bladder Meridian points, such as: B 47 (42) B 51 (46) B 53 (48) etc. What's that about?
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Created 11-24-2022 by "DLynn"
74 year old woman. very dry skin - cracked and bleeding fingers at times knee inflamation tiny bumps on neck (almost like a pimple but smaller. sometimes can be picked off and it's a tiny hard thing.)
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5 Elements chart?
Created 10-11-2022 by "CharlotteM"

Hello I found you online with Karen Kan and have listened to many of your informational broadcasts. I use lifewave patches and would more information on the TCM points, the meridians and the 5 elements you speak of?
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Honeysuckle ok to take with antibiotics?
Created 09-20-2022 by "anon214495"
I have no choice but to go for the antibiotics, but had planned on trying honeysuckle for issues since covid vaccine. I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I have an underlying infection and need to distinguish what is causing what symptoms. Its very complicated. If not honeysuckle, are there any herbs or formulas that can accenuate the effectiveness of antibiotics without negative effects? I have no time to see an acupunturist. Unbelievably my husband...
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Points protocol formulation and needling technique - needle, active needle, tonify, or pacify?? Cupping?
Created 09-14-2022 by "anon240040"
Hello folks, I am working on learning into moving beyond merely needling points in my points protocols when appropriate. Most of the time I will needle, bring de-qi, then just retain the needle for 20-30 minutes. I'm wondering whether it could be usually correct to tonify the points that influence a weak part of the body and pacify those associated with an excess pattern. An example would be liver invading the spleen, to tonify the...
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Created 09-12-2022 by "Mili"
My daughter is diagnosed with dyslexia in her school. She is struggling a lot in studies. Has mental confusion is indecisive and has lost all her confidence. Can you guide me how can I help her . I cannot see her in this star. She is having a lot of difficulties in school . Specially in writing , memorizing , math. And in general she is feeling low confidence and has given up. Please help...
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Tongue diagnosis
Created 09-05-2022 by "anon42568"
Thank you for this awesome website. Its very informative. I am Looking for advice here with tongue diagnosis. My tongue has a thick white coating with a big crack in the middle. The thick white coating goes till the very end of the tongue. Since 2019, I became very weak, and got bloated, had water rentetion, urine incontenince, always fearful, weak digestion and passing undigested food many times, later I found I also had a...
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Created 07-25-2022 by "anon79791"
Hello. I stumbled upon your post on parkinsons chinese medicine yin yang house page. I was diagnosed 4 years ago when i was 45. Just reaching you out to find out about any alternate chinese medicine treatments for bradykinesia you might have tried . Its pretty depressing to have this condition with no clear path to cure. Please suggest some meds
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