Intensly painful periods

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Intensly painful periods

Published on 11-18-2009

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I treated a friend of mine who has always had extremely painful periods.

The background: It goes the same each month, firstly they are very irregular,the first day of period is fine, second day and night is intense pain, to the point of having to be on very strong painkillers, and also vomiting from cramps. Has been checked by doctors and could find no serious issue, bar menstrual cramps.

So i treated on the first evening of period with slight pain begining.

Points used:





She awoke the next morning with no period! Also no pain. The day after the period returned more painful then ever and continued like that for 3 days of intense pain and vomitting, something which hasnt happened before. It(the pain) usually dispels after a day. The bleed was also slightly brighter than usual. The period then stopped 2 days early and pain subsided instantly.

Im very curious as to what you think may have caused the sudden change. The body has obviously began to move and balance itself. I am planning to treat twice a week whilst not on period to see if it has made an improvement when it returns, and whatever has been stagnant hopefully has began to move.

Any thoughts or advice?

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Acupoints: li 4, lv 3, sp 6, st 36

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The four gates point combination (LI 4 and LV 3) is a very strong and effective way to move stagnation immediately and over the long term. I would think that those points helped the most, in fact I would suspect the effect would have been stronger without adding ST 36 and/or SP 6 at that time. In more acute cases you can focus more on moving stagnation and sending the body a very clear message. After menstruation adding in points of a more tonifying nature can help to offset any deficiencies from menstruation (this would depend, of course, on her overall tcm diagnosis and other signs and symptoms). For some treatment ideas you may want to read our section "Acupuncture for Dysmenorrhea" if you haven't already.

Posted: 11-19-2009

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