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Our shop is primarily intended for practitioners, patients of our clinic affiliates, and individuals who are guided here from a practitioner. We offer a selection of some of the more common herbal formulas from the manufacturers we utilize in our clinic along with an assortment of other products.

Please note that our checkout system allows US order only. If you are from another country, please submit a request through our international orders request form (must be logged in), and we will contact you with a quote including international shipping.

For the public, it is import to note that self-treatment is not recommended. We recommend that you consult directly with a practitioner in your area. The overall effectiveness of an herbal approach requires very careful diagnosis of the underlying patterns within Chinese Medicine terms and most often requires a fluid approach. This means that at a given point in time for a given individual you might need a formula or set of formulas for a few days or weeks, then another set or different pairing, and so on. Timely check-ins with your practitioner is the most effective way to get results.

All that said, we are well aware that many areas in the world do not have access to practitioners and/or herbal formulas at all and this (along with our own patients needs) is why we offer these products online.

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