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Published on 02-01-2010

"vdolat" - this is their first post.

>Dear Mrs,sire,

I would like o know about acupuncture points for pephigus treatment.
> thanx in advance
> Vahid

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Acupoints: gb 20, gv 14, gv 20, gv 22, kd 3, li 11, sp 10, th 16, th 17, ub 6, ub 11, ub 12, ub 13, ub 14

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2010

Pemphigus (not pephigus as listed above) is a relatively rare group of autoimmune based disorders which involves the skin and mucous membranes. There are many types of pemphigus, so proper treatment requires more information about this case specifically - I will offer what I can generally. From a western perspective, treatment usually involves corticosteroids and as certain types of the condition can be fatal, stronger western treatments should be considered.

From our system, we focus on various aspects of the condition including the underlying TCM diagnosis (lv qi stagnation, kd deficiency, ... - whatever you arrive at with your diagnostic work). In addition to standard TCM points, then, we use the following:

Huatuo of T1, T2 and T3 - the bone marrow, thymus gland and the lung/lymph system respectively. Collectively these points are used for all autoimmune based disorders.

Huatuo of T4 - for the skin and sweat glands - any skin condition.

Huatuo of T7 - any blood based condition.

Treatments generally start with tuina on the sky window areas (TH 16, TH 17), then cervical areas appropriate to the location of the blisters (C1 - top of head, C2 - forehead, C3 - eyes, sinus, ears, C4 mouth, cheek chin - as appropriate). Continue tuina through upper thoracic region. Needle according to TCM principles adding huatuo points as listed above and including GV 22, UB 6, GV 20, LI 11, SP 10, KD 3, GB 20, GV 14 as appropriate. Complete treatment with more tuina and if possible cupping on GV 14 and along the bladder line in the upper thoracic region UB 11, UB 12, UB 13, UB 14. If you are appropriately trained, bloodletting in the LV, ST and/or LI channels may also be appropriate.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2010

That would depend greatly on the overall condition of the patient. Personally, we leave the needles in for 25-35 minutes in most cases. We don't use electro-stim on the vast majority of patients instead using tuina to create better structural changes.

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comment by "Vahid_Dolatyari"
on Feb 2010

thank you for your answer .I would like to know that for each point how long should we retain the needle and attach the electro stimulator.



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