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Root canal and tooth decay

published: 11-19-2020 (0) comments

Ive been diagnosed with severe dental decay and initially need 3 root cana…

Treating Lymphaedema

published: 10-19-2020 (0) comments

For practitioners:patient presenting with stagnation of qi, moisture and …

Facia health possibility

published: 06-23-2020 (0) comments

65 yo male Arthritis in knees Dupreens contracture in hands Muscle stiffne…

Ear plugged, maybe infection

published: 04-30-2020 (0) comments

TCM approach to ear issues involving loss of hearing in one ear. Moxa is p…

Purulent tooth root

published: 03-20-2020 (0) comments

Under my back tooth I have pus under the root. It is more then a year and …

For upper arm and forearm “ puffiness “ , what acupressure points can help

published: 10-22-2019 (0) comments

Warm greetings ! Would seriously welcome any and all insights and advice o…

Acupressure points for back pain, blue lips and numbness

published: 10-20-2019 (0) comments

A couple of the children I work with have stated my lips are blue. When I …

Asking re lymph (?) puffiness in upper arms

published: 10-10-2019 (0) comments

Insight would be welcome re sources / causes / treatment for unnaturally “…

Tnx + healing arts

published: 09-06-2019 (0) comments

varicous veins treatment swollen lower legs ( veinous insufficiency leg in…

Pattern missing

published: 08-19-2019 (0) comments

Hi Doctor, your website is very informative but Stomach Coldness Disease ,…

Pinpointing Blocked Points/Meridians

published: 08-16-2019 (0) comments

As the headline hints, my question is how to find the point/points that ar…

Spleen Meridian Acupressure

published: 07-21-2019 (0) comments

Hi There, I am suffering from bowel disorder. Acupuncture, diet and mindfu…

KD3 ... focused treatment for Kidneys!

published: 07-20-2019 (0) comments

Profoundly impressed with and Appreciative of your Expertise… your advice …

Lin, Milky Lin damp and cysts

published: 07-08-2019 (0) comments

Does all damp go to the urinary bladder? Eventually? Phlegm-damp that is h…

Shoulder joint pain and arm pain

published: 07-05-2019 (0) comments

My shoulder joints have begun cracking and my arm are extremely painful. S…

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