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Chronic Dizziness Caused by Labyrinthitis
Created 03-16-2024 by "WillRex"
Hello again. This is my second post and I’m looking for some advice again! Six months ago, my wife had her first and so far only episode of vertigo. It was caused by labyrinthitis. It left her deaf in her right ear as well as chronically dizzy. She is very unstable without a 4-wheel “rollator”. My wife’s ENT doctor told her the dizziness is caused by her deafness in one ear and the confusion this...
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What is the TCM profile for Keratosis Pilaris?
Created 04-18-2023 by "VaughnHealth"

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Root canal and tooth decay
Created 11-19-2020 by "anon62135"
Ive been diagnosed with severe dental decay and initially need 3 root canals Is there anything I can do to avoid the root canals? And how can I treat the decay generally? Is there a general meridian for the teeth and gums or do I treat each tooth individually? If so can you tell me where I can find a tooth chart. Many thanks. Evelyn
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Treating Lymphaedema
Created 10-19-2020 by "anon145832"
For practitioners:patient presenting with stagnation of qi, moisture and phlegm. What points would you recommend. She is diagnosed with Lymphoedema.I haven’t started to treat her yet. Patient had laproscopic surgery for early stage breast cancer. Has become Lymphoedema. I believe i need to use SP6, GB34 and open to other suggestions. Thank You.
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Facia health possibility
Created 06-23-2020 by "Craig54"
65 yo male Arthritis in knees Dupreens contracture in hands Muscle stiffness especially legs after sitting Heat relaxes stiffness quickly Suspect facia health ideas?
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Ear plugged, maybe infection
Created 04-30-2020 by "anon53339"
TCM approach to ear issues involving loss of hearing in one ear. Moxa is perhaps easiest way to offer influence at this time. Thank all,
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Purulent tooth root
Created 03-20-2020 by "anon90517"
Under my back tooth I have pus under the root. It is more then a year and I don’t want to pull the tooth out yet. I’m treating him just with aromatherapy. I think the problem will probably have roots passed on to parents or maybe grandparents. No one has any experience with anything like that. During my life I have been dealing with the problems of the water element and the fire element in...
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For upper arm and forearm “ puffiness “ , what acupressure points can help
Created 10-22-2019 by "Faith022696"
Warm greetings ! Would seriously welcome any and all insights and advice on this topic . i expect it includes applications to lymph , and to heart meridian , … others
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Acupressure points for back pain, blue lips and numbness
Created 10-20-2019 by "anon116606"
A couple of the children I work with have stated my lips are blue. When I look under my tongue, it definitely is blue. I injured the mid portion of my back while helping to move furniture last week. While sitting and reading, a sharp pain went across my back, then yesterday when I sneezed, that pain struck again. I’d been icing off and on and taking acetaminophen. According to my doctor, GP, I’m in...
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Asking re lymph (?) puffiness in upper arms
Created 10-10-2019 by "Faith022696"
Insight would be welcome re sources / causes / treatment for unnaturally “puffy/fluffy” upper arms …***. what meridians or organs , or other details should be addressed in treatment to provide significant care ( beyond visible “cosmetic” concerns ) . Grateful for considered advice … !
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Tnx + healing arts
Created 09-06-2019 by "anon230425"
varicous veins treatment swollen lower legs ( veinous insufficiency leg injury in the past other issue fatty liver and whole host of digestive tract disturbance/ dampness swollen puffy face.etcs herbs will it suffice ? I am keen and practice chikung to maintain and try to reduce the worsening of this issues can anyone suggest safe herbal ( professional ) of course thanks for reading
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Pattern missing
Created 08-19-2019 by "anon102899"
Hi Doctor, your website is very informative but Stomach Coldness Disease , A Deficient condition Is missing.
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Pinpointing Blocked Points/Meridians
Created 08-16-2019 by "anon99475"
As the headline hints, my question is how to find the point/points that are causing the present symptoms?
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Spleen Meridian Acupressure
Created 07-21-2019 by "anon152803"
Hi There, I am suffering from bowel disorder. Acupuncture, diet and mindfulness helped me a lot to control the disorder. My problem predominantly is constipation and flatulence also lactose, gluten and few food intolerances. I developed a great interest in learning the subject especially understanding TCM concepts and I’m inclined towards acupressure (so I can treat myself). I am learning the subject from professional acupuncturist. However, your website has been a great help. At present...
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KD3 ... focused treatment for Kidneys!
Created 07-20-2019 by "Faith022696"
Profoundly impressed with and Appreciative of your Expertise… your advice re this point KD3 promises to be of major broad benefit . Please , Specific Guidance ? : with acupressure only , or other methods , and specifically quantitatively Thank You
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