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chronic high tension in muscles along the SI meridian; what herbs/diet could soothe

published: 06-24-2022 (1) comment

hey yall. i've had a chronic -- and multi-generational -- pattern going on…

Skin does not heal properly after covid contracted/vaccinated? Is it common?

published: 06-14-2022 (1) comment

Hi everyone, I have noticed in my family of 4,(2 adults and 2 kids) some c…


published: 06-11-2022 (1) comment

Здравейте,   не знам тук подходящи ли е да питам. Търся алтернативно лечен…

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Ideally, you should consult d…

Posted: 06-24-2022 view discussion

There is still much we don't …

Posted: 06-15-2022 view discussion

In general Chinese Medicine d…

Posted: 06-11-2022 view discussion

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Electro-Acupuncture May Aid Substances To Cross Blood-Brain Barrier

published: 05-30-2022

The blood-brain barrier is a defense mechanism in our body to protect our brain.  It works to protect us  from harmful …

Swedish Massage Lowers Anxiety

published: 05-10-2022

by Abby Stewart, LMT Anxiety is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in humans across the globe. Children, adults, and …

Xiao Yao Wan Becomes A Legally Registered TCM Formula in the European Union - But TCM Regulations Vary

published: 04-26-2022

EU member states arguably have better healthcare systems, cost controls and outcomes over countries such as the United …

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Gentle Yoga Class

start_date: 07-01-2022

1 hour gentle yoga class that is beginner-friendly. Our instructor, Amy Renae, is certified in trauma-informed yoga and is well versed in how trauma impacts the entire mind-body system. Tune …

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Review of New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS - Worcester, Massachusetts

I attended before the merger with MCPHS - when the school was still in Watertown, MA.  I chose the school largely for the comprehensive Japanese Acupuncture program.  All things considered it was a great experience.  As it is a larger school, the practice clinic options were plentiful and busy, with standouts such as the Dimock Center - a large public health clinic in Roxbury.  There were very strong faculty in all of the key positions of the school with a good mix of backgrounds to offer dynamic approaches to the material.  A few of the adjuncts were not stellar, but that's expected in a school of that size and, ultimately, it wasn't anything that diminished the overall experience.  

Outside of the normal critiques of most (all?) acupuncture schools such as proper business training to actually start and run a practice (also missing in most/all medical schools), I felt (and most of of my colleagues would agree I believe) well prepared to get into full-time practice right out of school.

submitted: 05-03-2022, Student from 2000 to 2004

Review of Pacific College of Health and Science - San Diego, California

I am very pleased with the education I received from PCHS San Diego.  Every instructor had 10-20+ years of experience they drew on.  Their teaching was Doctorate level in every single class!  Zoom classes were fun and engaging, provoked thought and research and the assignments were challenging, research based and relevant to the class matter.  Every instructor started, took breaks and ended on time.  There were interesting break out sessions with other classmates.  I have been nothing but impressed with the quality at this school.  Should be higher ranked than it is currently.

submitted: 03-21-2022, Student from 2021 to 2022

Review of AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine - Austin, Texas

This school started off well.  But there were alot of changes in staff and faculty in 2018-19 and the quality of education took a serious downturn.  The tuition is expensive but many instructors teaching is at high school level at best.  Many have never successfully run their own practices.  The herbs program is well taught but could have been more hands on than lecture.  Clinics were good practice but no supervisor ever challenged the thought processes behind why we had a particular diagnosis.  No treatment plan strategies were ever taught.  The school Is run by a person who comes from western medicine.  While integration is a good thing, how they handled Covid was more fear based than in the belief of what Eastern medicine can offer.   There was also vax shaming.  Very disappointing.  It should have been an opportunity to shine instead of cower and hide.  I do not believe this school should be in the top 10 acupuncture schools anymore. Maybe it can rank at 18.  

submitted: 03-21-2022, Student from 2017 to 2020

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Florida State Oriental Medical Association

Recently self-associated with:

Florida State Oriental Medical Association

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