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Hello I am a practioner of TCM & have a family member with which i would appreciate your advive with their situation . Could you please suggest a TCM solution / treatment to aid in relief for the following  person who is a 94 yrs male suffering from foot pain on the right lateral side beneth &a…

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My TCM Dr has put me on differnt herbs for the past 8 to 9 months to remove a bladder growth. Is there a risk of using TCM herbs such as You Gui Wan, Qian Lie Shu Wan, Fu Zheng Wan, Ba Zheng Wan  for several months. The herbs have reduced the growth slighlt but I am having turbid colored urine for …

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Hi ChadD Thanks for your response i appeciate your time . I am not a herbalist and due to the patients mainly being elderly  they prefer  acupressure not needling , more of a human touch thing i guess .  Any recommended herbs would be apprecited .  Thanks Rob .  

Am I correct in assuming that by "practitioner of TCM" you mean you are an herbalist?  I ask, only to try to figure out what type of advice to offer you.  Are you looking for an acupuncture protocol?, acupressure?  and/or herbs? If what you did made it go away for a few days and his western doctor(…

The thick white coating on the tougue is caused by spleen problems. Tougue with big crack in the middle, urine incontinence, fear and easy sweating, all of which are caused by kidney problems. Irritable, anxiety, feeling stuffy in the left chest, feeling like wind around the body due to liver probl…

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Chinese Medicine, which encompasses acupuncture, is a broad and complex system of medicine.  At face value this is neither a good or a bad thing, but the complexity of the diagnostic systems and treatment methods can limit broad usage due to limited numbers of well trained practitioners. Acupressur…

by Abby Stewart, LMT, MLD/C Long covid syndrome shares many striking similarities with chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalitis), including fatigue, unrestful sleep, post-exertional malaise, brain fog, headache, and nonspecific pain. In fact, up to 75% of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) cases …

“No not that bloodletting” is a phrase I use within many articles that discuss this commonly used acupuncture technique.  The technique involves pricking an acupuncture point to draw out a few drops of blood.  A moderately detailed discussion can be found on our bloodletting section.  But suffice i…

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You are very welcome, glad you are finding the information helpful for your family. اهلا وسهلا بك ، سعيد لأنك وجدت المقالة مفيدة

شكرا جزيلا ايه المحترف في الطب الصيني ، شكراً على كل هذه المعلومات 

Thanks Chd D I work with the elderly & found this information very useful

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This school is simply the best,  the teachings are top notch and every minutes about this school, worth it .

submitted by "" on 05-08-2023, Student from 1960 to 2007

I am an alumnus of the first graduating class from NESA @ MCPHS Worchester. The majority of the faculty and administration were alumni.  They were knowledgeable, passionate about the profession, supportive of our learning, and genuinely kind caring people.  I felt they gave their all duri…

submitted by "[email protected]" on 03-18-2023, Student from 2016 to 2019

Bridgeport U, School of Naturopathic Medicine (1997-2022) provideed valuable experiences for me and student interns where we had prepared in a 4 year rigourous and thorough training for being a naturopathic physician.  My studies and training led me to be experts in patient-centered care focus…

submitted by "Nat MedDoc CJZ" on 10-23-2022, Student from 2001 to 2005

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