Tom Tam / Tong Ren Therapy

Approaches and Applications

Tom Tam System (Tong Ren) Protocols for Various Health Issues

This is a sub-section of our main Conditions Treated section focused on Tong Ren Therapy and Tom Tam Healing System treatment protocols.

Our treatment information is separated by body systems or disease groupings as listed below. We encourage you to ask treatment questions, share your experiences and explore options within our forum so that others may benefit from the conversation.

Issue/Symptom of the Day

Thyroid Problems

The thyroid gland produces two hormones, triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which are carried through the bloodstream and affect weight, metabolism, skin moisture levels, breathing, brain development, menstruation, cholesterol, muscle strength and other essential functions. Hypothyroidism occurs when there is not enough...

This section is always being worked on, currently we have tong ren protocols for 169 health issues/symptoms.

Are you new to Tong Ren Therapy and energywork?
If you are not familiar with basic energywork principles, you may want to read our introduction to energywork page as well as our tong ren therapy information.

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