Acupuncture Outperforms Flunarizine for Migraine Prevention - discussion (2020-05-17 09:53:05am)

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Acupuncture Outperforms Flunarizine for Migraine Prevention - discussion (2020-05-17 09:53:05am)

Published on 05-18-2020

"anon137040" - this is their first post.

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Thank you for this website. You have a subset on Migraine headaches. I have been taught several approaches and I have found a certain formula that seems to get great results. Bl 2 b/l, GV 26.5, Li 4 b/l, PC 9 b/l and Ht 9 b/l. Have you seen this formula before? Any comments and/or suggestions?

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on May 2020

The most important thing with any symptom is proper diagnosis of the underlying contributing factors. This is, in my opinion, the entire value of Chinese Medicine. Fixed protocols are only general approaches - everything must be tailored to each individual based on what is perceived as their underlying factors derived from all of the diagnostic tools within Chinese Medicine.

So on our acupuncture for headaches page there are 10 general underlying diagnoses listed and even those would very likely have more minute appearances in given individuals. Further with treatment you often have to approach things in layers. For instance you may have to “clear phlegm” and use aggressive clearing treatments to do that, but if you were to stay on that track too long you would likely foster the true underlying imbalance. In this simple case, the patient may improve, but ultimately not resolve. Treatment, then, is constantly being tailored to the individual each and every time based on their changes in symptoms, the plan that is underlying the treatment approach, seasonal factors, and many other variables.

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