acupuncture used to decrease opioids in bariatric surgery

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acupuncture used to decrease opioids in bariatric surgery

Published on 04-13-2021

"macnut64" - this is their first post.

Curious if you have an articles or insight into this topic?

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There are a host of published studies using acupuncture for anesthesia, using acupuncture for post-op pain, and using acupuncture with regular sedation methods to limit the amount of medications used. I would start by going through these results - acupuncture anesthesia - Search Results - PubMed . The use of acupuncture for anesthesia is far more common in China than in western countries but it is at least being considered more.

And then I’ve written a few general synopses of relevant research, in particular:

Posted: 04-13-2021

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