Adhesions stomach pain

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Adhesions stomach pain

Published on 09-23-2020

"anon200249" - this is their first post.

I have a huge problem and I really need your help and advice. After 6 years suffering from stomach pain caused by adhesion because I ’ ve had 4 operations (illeus), I’ve been told that there is no hope for me and no treatment, healing or remedie that can help me so I must struggle with pain and adhesions to the rest of my life. Two days ago I found on the net yours reserching about treatment my illnes wiyh herb mix and I please You to help me and recommended wich of many herbs combination I found is the best for me and for my abdominal pain adhesion and where can I get that? I found one of many and I’m interested for your opinion. That is combination of sparganium, zedoaria, myrr, frankencenses and tang kuei. Is this good enougf or You have anoyher and better solution? Thank you and please help me find perfect herb combination for treating my abdominal adhesive pain.

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Formulas: ge xia zhu yu wan, gui zhi fu ling wan, shao fu zhu yu wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2020

In my experience the best results often come from consistent acupuncture treatments - possibly once weekly for many months and then maybe monthly after that depending on how things go. It is generally ideal to start the acupuncture as soon as possible after surgery (which, as you are finding, will see the issues returning, and at times even worse).

There are a host of herbal formulas that could potentially be used, but they ideally need to be tailored to you by a practitioner in your local area (ideally your acupuncturist). Formulas are not a fixed thing and often need to change as your condition improves or if improvement remains stagnant for awhile. With Chinese Medicine you are generally trying to resolve the deeper causal factors rather than choosing things based on symptoms - see “how to choose a formula” for more on that.

Below is a list of potential formulas, the one that is right for you right now only your practitioner can decide:

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