Application for symptoms

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Application for symptoms

Published on 08-05-2021

"whoduhlady" - this is their first post.

So I’m curious is there an application that you could input your symptoms and they will be downloaded? For example anxiety equals this point that point and then give a definition of what it is for?

Also how can I learn more about points that I would like to discuss with my acupuncturist in regards to what I feel I need?

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Well our site has some general guidelines for many common conditions - start in our conditions treated section. On many of those pages there will be listed commonly associated points, some also have links to more fleshed out treatment protocols and/or tam system protocols. But, not only is this far from complete (lots of work to put all of that together) - it is also technically -not- how any of this works. For a general idea of why something like what you are looking for doesn’t exist (or isn’t that useful) see:

Posted: 08-08-2021

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