Bone cancer help

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Bone cancer help

Published on 02-24-2011

"ausbris" - this is their first post.

Hi everyone

Just treated a lovely lady who came in for facial acupuncture.

The intake process highlighted that she has bone cancer, malignant. There is no pain.

Her cancer markers in her blood are abnormally high (higher than when she was diagnosed initially with ovarian cancer about 20 years ago - treated with surgery and chemo).

I've done a bit of research and they say the root is Yang Xu and the branch is either Phlegm, Qi Stagnation, Xue Stasis or Cold.

I can definately diagnose Xue Stasis (menstural history, varicose veins) and Qi Stagnation (depression, tense, tight shoulders, irritable, frustrated) leading to heat (constipation dry, migraines, red eyes), with some underlying Yang Xu (nocturia, feels the cold, tired) but she looks more Yin Xu (underweight, arvo sweating) so am thinking there's both.

I'm going to refer her to the best chinese herbalist in my city for some herbs. Just wanting to know if I should still try to move Xue in the Uterus considering she's had an almost complete historectomy and has no pain there. Or move blood more systemically considering the bone cancer might be spreading.



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Acupoints: gv 22, sp 6, th 16, ub 9

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2011

I&#39ve added our protocols for both bone cancer and ovarian cancer from the Tam Healing System that we utilize. While I&#39ve discussed this in other places on the site, I&#39ll briefly cover this again here for her benefit. As bone cancer infrequently appears on its own it&#39s important to properly diagnose the person overall and to consider the previous cancer(s) active for treatment purposes (even from 20 years ago). Bone cancer is often spread from other cancers and/or a result of heavy chemo/radiation.

Our system utilizes tong ren therapy (a form of energy healing), acupuncture and tuina. While there are cases from time to time we generally use no herbal medicine for our cancer patients (which we have many of). The lack of herbal medicine is in part because people may be doing other treatments on the western side and we don&#39t want to conflict with those or have the herbal medicine essentially be made null by the actions of those drugs wasting energy of the body.

By reading the two protocols (linked to above) you can get an idea of what we would do. To lay it out more directly in her case we would use empirical points for her overall tcm diagnosis and then focus on TH 16, GV 22, UB 9, SP 6, plus huatuo of C6, C7, T1, T4, T7 and L3 along with any ashi points (although you mention she doesn&#39t have pain, there should be some with palpation in related areas).

The points are the same for the energy work, acupuncture, and tuina. The energy work aspect is unlimited in its effect, acupuncture does what it does as far as moving energy and aiding immunity, etc. and the tuina resolves structural issues related to proper communication of the brain via nerves to the body/organs. The tuina is generally focused on the neck (sky window) points and the huatuo points.

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comment by "archived-user"
on Feb 2011

There are 4 patterns of bone cancer: 1, cold & Qi stagnation; Herb formular is "Wu Tou Tang" +.... . 2, poison heat blood stasis; Herb formula is "Bai Tou Weng Tang" +-...... 3, Liver & KIdney yin deficiency; Herb formula is " Zuo Gui Wan" +-..... 4, Spleen and Kidney deficiency; Herb formual is "Ba Zen Tang" +-... For acupuncture points, first choice group: Ub23, Sp6, Kd3, Ub64; or second choice group: Sp10, Sp6, Lv3, or third choice group: Kd1, Kd3, Kd4, kd10.

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