Brown discharge

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Brown discharge

Published on 01-05-2017

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My last period is on 24th November 2016. I had brown discharge (a bit only) from 6 Dec to 13 Dec. 19 Dec and 20 Dec, I have brown discharge again. Why?

My periods are normal (a bit heavy on the first 2 days)(it is always 3-7 days late). Sometimes I have mild or sharp abdominal pain on the first day. I usually have white discharge almost everyday.

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    comment by "StephenS" (acupuncturist)
    on Jan 2017

    I couldn’t say why as I don’t really know anything about you. Generally speaking brown discharge is from small amounts of blood. There can be many reasons for that, including cysts, hormone imbalance, fissures/tears, and weakness. If you’re having white discharge everyday that is not normal and could be a sign of yeast infection, STD, hormone imbalance or even an allergic response to anything that has come in physical contact with that area.

    Your best bet is to see a either an acupuncturist who is familiar with treating gynecological issues or an actual gynecologist. It is virtually impossible to accurately diagnosis something like via online correspondence.

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