Cannot take any iron supplements

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Cannot take any iron supplements

Published on 10-17-2020

"anon200282" - this is their first post.

Hello, I am a 40’ish year old female, it has been a while that I have been diagnosed with anemia, specially very low Ferritin. My Dr. Advised me to go on iron supplements. I have had tried at least 6 different kinds.

I also have to mention that, I do have rosacea and taking any of these supplements, after a week or two, gives me a Severe painful flushing and my face gets full of small bumps, which hurts me very much physically and mentally, to see my skin in this condition, but when I stop taking the pills, my skin feels so much better and The burning sensation stops.

This happens every time, being on iron supplements. I am loosing all my hair and I feel very tired and my body hurts all the time. I am trying to have the best organic diet possible but nothing is helping. I don’t want to give up, I don’t think any dr. Will understand or even try to help.

This is why I decided to contact you and ask to see how can I increase my Iron naturally, as I mentioned my diet and supplements I am taking are very good. You might be able to recommend something to help my anemia, without flaring up my Rosacea. Looking forward hearing from you.

Best regard,

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Issues/Symptoms: anemia

Formulas: ba zhen wan, bu zhong yi qi wan, si wu tang wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Oct 2020

I do not offer direct recommendations via a public forum, so your best bet is to consult directly with a licensed acupuncturist in your area who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and work with them directly. Long story short the right formula for you both requires a ton of personal health information which is completely inappropriate on a public forum and it is a moving target in many cases (i.e. the “right” formula changes as your overall set of issues improve/change). Most of this is spelled out in “how to choose a formula”.

Generally, but very far from exclusively, formulas from the “tonify the blood” category in Chinese Medicine would be used - formulas such as si wu tang, ba zhen wan or bu zhong yi qi wan. But the proper formula for you, again, has to be related to you as an individual and your entire composite of symptoms/issues not just “anemia”.

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