Cold and Thirst at night

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Cold and Thirst at night

Published on 03-17-2021

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Why do I get really cold when trying to fall asleep and also thirsty? I sleep in fluffy pyjamas, an electric blanket, heating on sometimes, fluffy socks… and then I am thirsty a lot too I can drink over 3L from 11 pm- 5 am (I have really bad insomnia lately partially due to back injuries possible and related neurological symptoms such as sensations in toes, feet, legs including the movement of little toe, and pain along gall bladder meridian up to the ear… as well as the thirst and coldness)

Any advice? any points to help with the cold and or thirst at night??


Emilia W

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Your best responses will come from consulting directly with a practitioner as they can go through extensive history and physical examinations that are not possible online. That said, generally to figure things like this out you start by analyzing the basics - was it always like this? If not, when did it start and what other changes coincided with the onset of these symptoms? Are you diabetic - or pre-diabetic? Any medications/herbs, etc. that may be contributing to dry mouth, etc.

To figure out what points might be helpful a practitioner generally has to figure out what the root of the problems are as that is largely what is focused on (i.e. not the symptoms).

Posted: 03-18-2021

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