Cushing disease

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Cushing disease

Published on 10-22-2017

"anon89682" - this is their first post.

Can acupuncture help to decrease cortisol, and which points?

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Issues/Symptoms: hypercortisolism

Acupoints: gv 20, ht 7, li 4, lv 3, st 36

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comment by "StephenS" (acupuncturist)
on Oct 2017

Yes there is a ton of research on both animals and humans that show acupuncture can decrease cortisol levels, often times almost immediately (short term effect anyway). There is no specific point or points for any particular western diagnosis or condition. I recall LV 3, LI 4, ST 36, DU 20 and HT 7 from some studies offhand. Hypercordisolism can be effectively treated with acupuncture that is properly tailored to match the presentation and overall collection of symptoms the patient presents with.

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