Dizziness and Valaskatagis Point Selection

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Dizziness and Valaskatagis Point Selection

Published on 04-10-2008

"drnls" - this is their first post.

Hello, great site. I have a patient that suffers from dizziness - mainly when driving. He has had this condition for as long as he can remember (42 yoa). Under this link:


I matched him to the Qi and Blood def. section. I was wondering what Valaskatagis' points were or are the additional points listed adequate? I am currently using auricular points - Shen Men, Occiput, Thalamus and I think a zero point - form a protocol in a class manual. I would like to add body points but not sure which ones.


Nelson L. Stehling DC

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Acupoints: ex taiyang, ex yintang, gb 20, gv 20, si 16, th 16, ub 9

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2008

The standard TCM presentations within the section are largely by lecture notes as noted at the bottom of the section. Where is says a name, it is simply which reference was used for the points and the "with additions" just means that there are points listed there that differ from the lecture notes, course pack, and/or text that was used. These differences are based on discussion in class, or personal experiences.

So in the acupuncture for dizziness/vertigo treatment section you would use all the points listed under the Qi and Blood deficiency section if that is the patients diagnosis.

Personally, I use a different system of acupuncture so I don't rely entirely on the standard TCM presentions. For dizziness I would use some of the points listed in the section as appropriate and add some similar to the following:

GB 20, UB 9, SI 16, TH 16, GV 20, Yintang, Taiyang needling and with strong tuina in the SI 16 and TH 16 area to open the circulation to the head. Generally dizziness while driving would indicate some kind of cervical neck issue and these points should open the area.

Dizziness that -only- happens while driving, however, would either be a circulation issue as described above or it could easily be more related to some kind of anxiety/hyperventilation issue which would be treated differently. Appropriate questioning would be called for if you are not getting responses to your treatment protocol.

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