Fibromialgia x Rejeição

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Fibromialgia x Rejeição

Published on 02-15-2021

"anon210406" - this is their first post.

Qual a relação e os protocolos de tratamento para quem sofre de fibromialgia, dores lombares, melasma grave no rosto.
Sofreu abusos na infância e se sentia rejeitada pela mãe. Se sente diferente dos irmãos porque é mais escura que eles. Tem 40 anos, mulher.

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Issues/Symptoms: back pain, fibromyalgia (cfs)

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Only a practitioner who has physically seen this person would be able to answer this question for them. But generally speaking childhood abuse often leads to issue with the kidney system in Chinese Medicine terms (i.e. the emotion of fear and the ramifications of sustained stress). See “My kidneys are what?” for general information. Kidney system weakness can lead to fibro and other autoimmune/pain related systems - but so can many other factors.

Our sections on fibromyalgia treatment and on low back pain treatment will offer some clues. Particularly follow the links to the related acupuncture protocols from those pages.

Posted: 02-15-2021

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