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Gan Mai da zao wan

Published on 08-12-2020

"anon100220" - this is their first post.

I have a question about Gan Mai Da Zao Wan
Is this product suitable fo an individual with ocd, who should be avoiding wheat?
Thank you!

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Aug 2020

Only your practitioner can really answer whether Gan Mai Da Zao Wan is right for you personally, so I would consult with someone in your local area and work with them directly. Generally, while gan mai da zao wan does contain fu xiao mai or un-ripened wheat, it is generally well tolerated due to the synergy of the formula as a whole. However, if someone had a strong wheat allergy, I might not use it as there are many other formulas that would likely yield the same benefit without running the risk of have a reaction.

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