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Published on 03-28-2019

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Need your help doctor. My mother’s life has been a roller-coaster ride where she has seen numerous ups and downs… From the age of nine the day she lost her mother, bad times began. Her life has been tough & there is only so much a body can take. She is an artist (painter) & writer by profession & passion. She is 56 years old weighs 37kgs (significant loss from a good 60 kgs in the past few years). Has sarcoidosis of lungs. Is on oxygen 24/7 (1.5 saturation since last 2 years post a severe pneumonia attack for which she was hospitalised). Heartbeat is always very fast it fluctuates between 103 to 118. A small activity like walking from one room to another makes her tired. Poor appetite & thus troubled digestion. Has back ache. Insomnia . Aeotic stenosis. About 12 years ago her bone marrow tests revealed she suffers from auto immune disorder. From malaria, tuberculosis, stomach ulcer, thyroid to megaloblastic anemia she has had to deal with all these conditions at various stages of her life. Each day brings its set of troubles (health wise) yet she greets it with a smile & thanks God for everything.

Why I am still positive about TCM? because after reading a lot about acupuncture since past 2 years & trying it on myself , 2 months back I mustered the courage to perform acupuncture on her … I administered KD2 KD6 SP6 & PC 7 (yin deficiency points). My mother responded beautifully, after a long time she slept properly. Most importantly her oxygen levels rose from mere 88 (on oxygen) to 93-94. We continued with the same points for two months once every week both sides for 1 month, reducing it to just once next month. Her weight increased from 35 to 37 kgs, numbness in one of her legs reduced significantly. But right now oxygen is fluctuating between 87 to 90. She was also taking Dr John’s alfalfa tonic recommended by a friend.

However Around two weeks ago when I thought things were looking good & we wouldn’t require any further treatment whatsoever, unfortunately my mother started feeling uneasiness, sleepy & lack of energy , she insisted we stop taking the tonic & we did stop. However just a day later there was swelling on her face hands & legs… Initially we thought its some sort of withdrawal symptom (tonic). But the swelling just wouldn’t go. She had diarrhea for 4 days which stopped with the help of a home remedy. Yet swelling, headache, loss of appetite, dibility, sleeplessness, restlessness, blueness of hands all such symptoms were still there. Now her kidney and liver profile tests revealed creatinine level 2.95 mg/dl (attached her reports). Kindly let me know what according to acupuncture is her diagnosis & treatment… Would appreciate your guidance.

My mother has no faith in western Medicine… She chose no treatment for sarcoidosis over allopathic treatment. She has chosen to remain with the people she loves for the rest of her life rather than spending her life living in hospitals. She feels safest in our(her daughters) care. I am sure acupuncture is the answer for people like her. 12 years back her hemoglobin was 5 platelet count was extremely low & was told her body does not absorb vitamin b12 but her latest reports tell a new story. Something has changed. CBC! reports are a positive sign for us. We are hopeful that kidney function too will improve with acupuncture. Kindly guide us doctor.


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    comment by "anon246357"
    on Mar 2019

    Dr please don’t ignore my request, I did try finding a good acupuncturist in my vicinity but all of them are not comfortable taking the case… Acupuncture in India is in the nascent stage right now… Mostly used for pain relief and not as a way to heal ailments. So there are acupuncturists who are amateurs who have set up clinics. My mother’s case is a bit complicated and diagnosis is the most important & complex thing in TCM… No matter how much reading I do I will never be able to understand TCM the way an acupuncturist does… I did think about studying TCM to treat my mother but there are no registered institutes here & going to another country is out of question as it would mean leaving my mother without the care that we are giving her right now, it would be a lot worse. Let me assure you I take full responsibility of this. But kindly just guide me through this. Ask any number of questions you need to ask, I will answer them. I know I am asking for too much but I don’t know I somehow believe you will help me …

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