How to treat blood defeciency

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How to treat blood defeciency

Published on 12-30-2017

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I am local accupuressure practioner in India. My brother has some problems -

  1. His feet soles and big toes are milky white in colour I mean it is not normal white. It is fungi type from inside.
  2. I checked his tongue it was dry (mostly in lower middle tongue), thin, pale.
  3. his immunity is very low. If he take dairy products it cause him cough, mucus in cold weather.
  4. He has lean body.
    I am sure it is case of blood deficiency. which points should I suggest him? Which diet should he take?

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Patterns: heart blood deficiency, liver blood deficiency, spleen blood deficiency, spleen invasion - cold damp

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comment by "StephenS" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2017

Acupressure alone is probably not going to be a strong enough therapy for your brother. If it possible acupuncture treatment would likely yield better results. That being said, treatment points would depend on what type of blood deficiency is most prevelent. There is heart blood deficiency, liver blood deficiency, and spleen blood deficiency. And without more descriptions of other signs and symptoms I wouldn’t necessarily diagnosis a blood deficiency in the first place. He could have spleen damp-cold for example.

As for the diet, that is somewhat more strait-forward as it should work for most deficiency patterns. No diary. If he is not a vegetarian a small amount of red meat -beef, lamb, goat. Lots of beets, carrots, turnips, and other root vegetables with kidney beans, mung beans, and whole grains like oats or barley. Tell him to avoid soda, sugars in general, and processed foods. Meals should be mostly cooked, few raw fruits or vegetables. It is best to use only a few ingredients per meal.

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