Hyperhidrosis problem

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Hyperhidrosis problem

Published on 11-13-2017

"anon35129" - this is their first post.

i’ve had hyperhidrosis most of my life with sweaty palms, feet, armpits and groin, and by sweaty i mean dripping at times. i read bu zhong yi qi wan was something to try and was hoping for some kind of confirmation if this is a good idea. i’m a 43 yo female in good health otherwise, not pregnant or trying to be, non smoker and 155lbs. my muscles almost always feel tight and i’m bloated all the time. i eat a healthy diet and live a fairly active lifestyle. would you have any answers for me, please. i’ve tried a few single and herb formulas but nothing has shown noticeable results. is this something i can correct?
please and thank you for your help,

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Issues/Symptoms: sweaty palms (hyperhidrosis)

Patterns: kidney yin deficiency, spleen qi deficiency

Formulas: bu zhong yi qi wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Nov 2017

I’ve resolved this any number of times in my clinic including some very bad cases you had even tried nerve blocks previously. It is treatable.

That said, herbs are not generally, in my opinion, the most useful for this in many cases. Whereas proper acupuncture will lead to much better results. Certainly trying out different herbs and formulas based on symptoms isn’t going to work at all - they require proper diagnosis of the underlying causes (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms”).

While bu zhong yi qi wan can be used for “spontaneous” or “easy” sweating - it is technically for spleen qi deficiency. So if you are perfect fit for that pattern, then it might be helpful. In most cases hyperhidrosis has at least some aspect of yin deficiency particularly in a 43 yo female, so, again, proper diagnosis is key. If it has been an issue for a long time, by now your situation will generally be quite layered so a practitioner will have to tailor treatment over time - generally this would take 2-6 months to resolve or at least heavily limit the responses.

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comment by "anon35129"
on Nov 2017

thanks for replying Chad,
i was once told by an acupuncturist, years ago, this will get worse before getting better. is this true? he was giving me herbs to sweat it out; i found it hard to believe i could sweat more. i started again this year getting acupuncture once a week for 5 months and saw little improvement. i would sweat heavily for the first 3/4 days following treatment then dry out a bit just in time to go back and the cycle would start over, each week. it was quite frustrating and i stopped going, seeing little improvement, and decided to give the herbs a go. would you have a recommendation for an acupuncturist in the Milwaukee, WI area? i’m trying to stay positive this will be remedied before i leave this earth.
also, is it ok to treat the symptoms while treating the cause? (i am not taking any pharmaceutical medications, just herbs.)
thanks again for your help,

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